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The mandala with the intention of Inspiration fits people with a full range of knowledge; people who are forgiving and have their material and spiritual world in balance. Blue colour represents peace of mind and life equilibrium. It connects with water, and sky and it helps to lessen a display of temperament and restlessness.


The mandala with the intention of Love will fulfil not only creative and emotional souls but also strong-minded people. Green colour, expressed by the energy of vegetation, has a good influence on friendships or relationships, and it is often preferred by people who feel an urgent need to help others. It is well known for its positive effect on brain activity and eyes.

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The mandala with the intention of Passion will taste to people who are purposeful strong personalities with a fierce temper. Red colour expresses the energy of powerful emotion and passion for life. Not only it arouses the taste of success and activates a man’s will, but it also works against fatigue. It is highly effective when fighting depression.


The art of regarding own’s happiness or advantage. Although someone knows how to treat himself/herself well, others shall learn it. The mandala with the intention of Self-love helps people who learn to work with their emotions intentionally. And if we treat selves with respect, we can also behave in such a way to others.

© Adalíía Alma Murín


Tree of life

A never-ending cycle of life accompanied by love to each other. The mandala with the intention of Tree of Life is tailor-made for partners who meant to be together for life. It supports confidence and devotion. Perfect as a wedding gift.

© Adalíía Alma Murín


Have you got plenty of energy and you seldom stop yourself?  The mandala with the intention of Balance best suits energetic people who need to get their inexhaustible energy into balance and keep calm for a while. Perfect for relaxing time.

© Adalíía Alma Murín



Having a lot of money does not mean to be rich — the wealth is in each of us. The mandala with the intention of Abundance supports the blossoming of the soul. Enrich your spirit with this beautiful mandala.

© Adalíía Alma Murín


Do you always have your head in the clouds and rarely land? The mandala with the intention of Creativity is tailor-made for people who are talented and free as a bird. It helps to relax and let the fantasy works.

© Adalíía Alma Murín



To love and accept our-self as we are is not as easy as it seems. The mandala with the intention of Integrity is perfectly made for people who can look at them-self through the eyes of love and truth. It helps to achieve inner harmony and peace.

© Adalíía Alma Murín


Everybody needs to have a rest, recharge his/her own’s batteries, and get new energy from his/her soul and heart. The mandala with the intention of Harmony was made for perfect harmony and finding inner peace. Best for ones who want to get better in meditation.

© Adalíía Alma Murín



Are you full of ideas, and you always think of how to set the wheels in motion? The mandala with the intention of Courage is perfect for those who are not afraid of going own way and led by life its-self. It helps to make your dreams come true.

© Adalíía Alma Murín

Zest for life

As happiness is infectious, each of us enjoys the company of happy people. The mandala with the intention of Zest for Life is tailor-made for the people who sparkle with energy and know-how to cheer up others. It helps to put us in a jolly mood.

© Adalíía Alma Murín



It is said that we hold happiness in our hands. The mandala with the intention of Happiness is perfect for people who do not let run away the opportunity to express and live according to their ideas. It supports a positive approach to life and an open mind.

© Adalíía Alma Murín

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