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We make our round clocks by hand. Sitting on the top of the clock is a bio-quality resin hand-cast mandala, decorated with reflective colors that catch the light and glow in the dark. Whenever you check what time it is, a mandala full of colorful details will shine on you. The night colors stand out in the dark and reveal a unique shape that shines its energy intent even into the night.

How many times a day do we rest looking at our watches, checking to see if our day is going according to our expectations? Imagine that every time you look at a wall clock with a mandala of your choice, you will remember that time has no power over you. That only you decide for yourself what qualities you let into the course of your life, what you actively create in it every single rare minute. You will change the perception of time from speed and chase to happiness, creativity, harmony, or some of the other most beautiful values ​​that we have captured for you in the mandalas. Imagine how your whole life would change in a short time...

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There is no one who does not fight against the passage of time every now and then. It is said that time is our enemy, but is it just an illusion? As soon as we come to terms with the limits of the physical life and accept it, we will also realize that the eternal light within us is able to create in the time that is given to us, all that we desire. We begin to create one endless present moment full of what we really want.

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