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Glass Caraffes

Creation of the Aquala carafes

Just as water shapes everything that touches, so we do create our carafes. With force, but at the same time gently, we shape and blow every single piece. We respect the legacy of Czechoslovak glassmaking to the last detail, so that this traditional artistic experience can reach your home as well. Our carafes are an esthetic, natural and healthy way to take care of our life-giving water ...

The water as one of the nature elements deserves to be treated with respect. Its energy flows to all living… It has the power to heal us, and life cannot exist without it. Nevertheless, it is still mysterious, and people are still looking for a way preserve its positive vibration at ome. How to preserve its natural strength and taste. Try pouring water from our handmade carafe with the mandala of your choice. Each sip will carry the energetic legacy of the intention you desire, it will enter your subconscious, and it will support in your life what you have chosen .... Love, harmony, inspiration, abundance and more ... you choose, it is entirely up to you ...

dec_1230 (12).jpg

Every drop in the lake is a part of it and we also belong to nature. With our carafes, you will lighten it from excess plastic and harmful lead. The carafes’ designed is based on the golden ratio, because we believe that the most beautiful, infinitely variable, colorful, harmonious, and
perfect design was created by nature. Our carafes are an expression of purity, which is why we are environmentally friendly at every step of production. We recycle and minimize material that we are no longer able to use. We are also responsible in the packaging and delivery process. We will carefully pack the carafe in recycled insulating sawdust in a closed cardboard box. No excess plastic, no worries. Just pure joy from your new Aquala.

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