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Our vision

Our vision began to form years before the first product was born. The idea of ​​bringing beautiful, harmonized, and valuable things into our daily lives matured in the hearts of the founders until they took the form of a specific intention. This is a combination of quality, handmade products with a harmonized and peaceful illumination of mandalas. Our products with their beauty and energy, help us to remember every day the values ​​of life that are important to us and that we wish for our loved ones as well.

Power of Mandala

Mandalas are increasingly finding their way into our lives. They harmonize our surroundings, synchronize the elements of the nature and have a positive effect on all the living beings. They are colorful, vivid, full of vibrant details and based on endless variability and life cycles. Mandalas are created with emotions and artists draw intentions, goals, or dreams into them. That is why they can constantly have a positive effect on our environment with their illumination and energy vibrations. Their positive impact on the human psyche and health is recognized by various scientific disciplines, and they are also appearing in modern design. Therefore, they can combine aesthetic and healing function.


Unique process of creation

With enthusiasm and an effort to achieve the perfect result, we have been able to find a way to transfer original hand-painted mandalas, full of beautiful detail and decorated with glittering glowing colors to the things of the everyday use. So far, these are high-quality round wooden tables, wall clocks and glass carafes-decanters. However, we have big plans, and we will pass on the beauty of mandalas to other objects that keep us company in everyday life.

We would like our products to help everyone whose lives they touch, not just our customers. That is why we have entrusted the creative process of decorating and creating mandalas to artistically and spiritually based single mothers and disadvantaged people, whose earnings will help them contribute to a better life. Each Aquala product carries a mandala with a unique intention as well as an exceptional opportunity to help.

We share positive energy

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