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We offer you products that each of us uses every day, and we do not pay attention to their energy. However, if we put an intention in them, they will remind us every time we use them.

Water is the bearer of life and its importance to our body is no longer discussed. Every sip of water from a carafe with a mandala, in which love, inspiration or harmony is embedded, will multiply this quality in your life. A table where you relax and every look at it will remind you and your loved ones of the intention of abundance, harmony or zest for life. Well and the clock? How many times a day do we rest our eyes? Imagine that you radiate creativity, courage or happiness. Imagine how your whole life would change in a short time.


We transfer original hand-painted mandalas, full of beautiful detail and decorated with shimmering phosphorescent colors to the things we use every day. So far, these are quality round wooden tables, wall clocks and glass caraffes. However, we have big plans and we will transfer the splendor of the mandalas to other things that keep us company in everyday life.

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